We find understanding in the open social web.

Every day, around the world, millions of people willingly express themselves online, in public. 

They speak honestly and extemporaneously to friends and family, businesses and organizations, and even complete strangers. They share experiences, ideas and feelings, intentions and constraints, fears and hopes. While the generation now coming of age has embraced this fully, even our oldest citizens are participating in large proportions. More than any other place today, the open social web is where we truly discover people’s needs and feelings. 


Technology allows us to capture billions of pieces of user content.

Our sources include newspaper and magazine sites, video, blogs and forums. Naturally we also capture publicly-shared posts and content on all major social media platforms. Our vision isn't obscured by foggy memories or small sample sizes.

While technology is a necessary component of what we do, it isn’t sufficient. Machines can record the conversations, but it takes people to truly understand what’s being said. 


Our human analysts interpret these conversations to paint a stunning landscape of meaning, transforming big data into brilliant insight and strategy. 

Machine learning and text analytics have come a long way, but they still aren't nearly enough. We go beyond keywords and sentiment, beyond simple counting out of context.   Our human teams read tens of thousands of conversations per project, interpreting nuance and meaning as only humans can.. 

Because we’re capturing authentic consumer voices, our insights are often unexpected, even provocative. That’s why our clients use us. They want understanding that traditional approaches don’t provide. In fact, they usually tell us that our work has rekindled their joy and interest in what they do.

If your social listening isn't giving you real strategic direction, or you want to get beyond keywords to truly understand consumers, contact us for an assessment and quote today.