Social media cannot be ignored.

It is not just the danger of fake news. It is the opportunity to analyze the genuine public discourse as it is taking place in front of our eyes. People talk about issues central to your mission. They talk about your organization, programs, achievements or they are not at all: you may find that your work remains unnoticed in social media. People also signal and often predict social problems and promote solutions. They share their grief, anger and love: emotions that could be  drivers for mobilization.

Why don’t people notice what we do? Why do people donate to lesser causes than ours? Do we use the proper language to describe our mission? What are the emotions our issues provoke? People answer those questions on social media. Bakamo Public helps you to listen and understand.

We are the first social media research firm dedicated to serve the not for profit sector. We provide research-based insights for foundations, private and public donor organizations, not for profit service providers, government agencies, advocacy groups, rights based organizations, social movements, labor unions: mission based organizations with a social relevance.

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Bakamo Public gives you insights

  • A philanthropy learns that donations are framed as self-serving investments in the public mind. People think donors have a profit motive when giving out grants.  
  • A rights based organization realizes that for most people the right for free speech translates into a licence to hate.
  • A provider of subsidized health care services finds that it is underutilized because its clients believe they are discriminated against when doctors’ appointments are assigned. It hurts their pride.

Insights like these are key discoveries that help organizations to develop strategy, implement programming, fundraise, create narratives, manage their communication and evaluate their impact.


Use Cases

Read our study on the impact of social media in the 2017 French Presidential Election here

How do we work with you?

We assist in generating research questions that serve your objectives best. This typically takes the form of a workshop including key people on your and our side.

We  configure our data gathering algorithms and harvest raw data. Our raw datasets typically include hundreds of thousands of publicly available social media entries from all popular platforms, blogs, and comment sections.

Our analysts filter the dataset and keep only relevant entries.

We read, analyze, and code relevant entries. Depending on the topic we code hundreds or thousands of comments.

We interpret the results in a report, present it to you and answer your questions about the material. We also provide recommendations that we formulate while immersed in the material.

Single issue studies take 3-4 days to produce, complex, multi-country research takes 2-4 weeks.   


Insights by Bakamo Public

Bakamo Public Among The Top5 Most Innovative Market Research Companies In EU

The EU Insight Innovation Competition, organised by IIeX Europe just closed, and our division focusing on the not-for-profit sector, Bakamo Public was among the best of the best: our human-in-the-loop social listening technology was voted to be one of the top5 most innovative methods currently offered in the market research industry in Europe. Huge round of applause for the winner, Pixoneye, and for the other Top5 members: Emaww, NeuroApplied, and MV2.

See Kristóf Varga, head of Bakamo Public discussing how we can make the world a better place, in this video:


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