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Welcome to the micro-site for our French Presidential Election study.

Over a series of three reports, we will measure the reach and impact of unconventional media sources in connection with the 2017 French presidential election. We will discover the links and content people share, how they share them, what they hope to accomplish, and how they perceive this content through the techniques of social listening.


Media Coverage Of The Study

Introduction by Pierre Haski


Summary of the French Election Social Media Landscape Report 2017
[ English | French ]

French Election Social Media Landscape – 2017 – Full Report

[ English Powerpoint, PDF]

Patterns of Disinformation in the 2017 French Presidential Election
[ English ]

Study Summary
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Press Release
[ English | French ]

The Role and Impact of Non-Traditional Publishers in the French Elections 2017
[ English ]

Media Briefing / Study Summary
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Press Release
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Media Coverage Of The Study

VoxEurop | Russia and the French Presidential Election: The Kremlin interference (In English)

EUObserver | Russia-linked fake news 'lost influence' in France (In English)

EUObserver | Macron vows law against fake news (In English)

The Economist | Once considered a boon to democracy, social media have started to look like its nemesis (In English) | A magyar választás körüli minden kérdésre ott van a válasz a Facebook naplófájljaiban (In Hungarian)

The Verge | France has a fake news problem, but it’s not as bad as the US (In English)

Les | Réseaux sociaux : un lien partagé sur quatre pourrait être du « fake news » (In French)

Reuters | Experts say automated accounts sharing fake news ahead of French election (In English)

The Daily Beast | Study: Bots Spreading Fake News Ahead of French Election (In English) | Présidentielle: Sur les réseaux sociaux, près de 25% des liens partagés autour de la politique seraient des «fake news» (In French)

RTSinfo | L'influence des "fake news" sur la présidentielle française serait réelle (In French)

Financial Times | Flawed Macron hack provides lessons for both sides (In English)

The Budapest Beacon | Az álhírek kormányzati eszközökkel való visszaszorítása komoly veszélyeket hordoz magában (In Hungarian) | Notícias falsas com ligações à Rússia “perderam influência” em França (In Portuguese)

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung | „Nothing is true, everything is possible?” (In German)

Social Media and Politics Podcast | The French Elections and Social Media Part 1: What News are Citizens Sharing on Social Media?, with Daniel Fazekas (In English)


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