Bakamo is a social listening consultancy.

We read and interpret online conversations to help brands build winning strategies from authentic consumer voices.


Every day, around the world, millions of people have conversations online—unscripted, unbiased, and uncensored—on topics that range from brands to culture, lifestyle to current events. They talk about their experiences, hopes, and fears. 

Bakamo collects and interprets these conversations through an innovative combination of technology and intensive human analysis. From the gritty detail we derive the broad themes that attract and motivate people to join the conversation. We understand the full social discourse, chart consumer journeys, define segments based on needs, identify factors that catalyze product choice, and more.

Because we capture authentic voices, our insights are often unexpected, even provocative. Our clients use our work to confidently support strategic and tactical decisions on product design, marketing, and advertising.

Let us help you understand the authentic voices of your customers. Chances are they’re focused on things you’re not.


Human Interpretation

Machines can witness conversations, but only humans remain capable of understanding humans. This is the heart of the Bakamo approach.

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We deliver more than you thought possible. Our solutions provide guidance and insight that's as unlimited as the conversation. 

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