Articles with Bakamo Insights

From our study on fake news and the French Presidential Election:

VoxEurop | Russia and the French Presidential Election: The Kremlin interference (In English)

EUObserver | Russia-linked fake news 'lost influence' in France (In English)

EUObserver | Macron vows law against fake news (In English)

The Economist | Once considered a boon to democracy, social media have started to look like its nemesis (In English) | A magyar választás körüli minden kérdésre ott van a válasz a Facebook naplófájljaiban (In Hungarian)

The Verge | France has a fake news problem, but it’s not as bad as the US (In English)

Les | Réseaux sociaux : un lien partagé sur quatre pourrait être du « fake news » (In French)

Reuters | Experts say automated accounts sharing fake news ahead of French election (In English)

The Daily Beast | Study: Bots Spreading Fake News Ahead of French Election (In English) | Présidentielle: Sur les réseaux sociaux, près de 25% des liens partagés autour de la politique seraient des «fake news» (In French)

RTSinfo | L'influence des "fake news" sur la présidentielle française serait réelle (In French)

Financial Times | Flawed Macron hack provides lessons for both sides (In English)

The Budapest Beacon | Az álhírek kormányzati eszközökkel való visszaszorítása komoly veszélyeket hordoz magában (In Hungarian) | Notícias falsas com ligações à Rússia “perderam influência” em França (In Portuguese)

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung | „Nothing is true, everything is possible?” (In German)

Social Media and Politics Podcast | The French Elections and Social Media Part 1: What News are Citizens Sharing on Social Media?, with Daniel Fazekas (In English)


From our study on xenophobia:

The Guardian | Hungary government condemned over anti-immigration drive (In English)

Vice | A Hungarian Restaurant Is Serving 'Terrorist' and 'Syrian' Pizzas (In English)


Based on insights by Bakamo.Public: | Intro-, extro- vagy ambivertált vagy? Vagy csak tartozni akarsz valahová? (In Hungarian)


Other articles featuring our work:

Planung und Analyse | Chat Bots verändern die Kommunikation (In German)

Global Research Business Network | Acknowledging bravery in market research raises the bar (In English)


Academic papers written by us:

ESOMAR WARC | Kicking Refugees was Just the Beginning: The European Refugee Crisis, How the Open Society Foundation Used Qualitative Social Media Research In Defence Of Human Rights (In English)

ESOMAR Global Qualitative | Just Married! A love story between qualitative research and social listening (In English)