UK Election Social Media Analysis: What is the election about?

Small opinions matter , Street Art near Farringdon station, London

Small opinions matter , Street Art near Farringdon station, London

Bakamo has decide to investigate the upcoming UK election thru the lens of narratives in social media.

Over the next weeks, our analyst team will publish updates and relevant metrics to contribute some complexity to election prediction. To this end, we have deployed our methodology to discern and measure narratives.

Monitoring and analysis of last week’s data points to some interesting insights:

  • NHS is the biggest social media issue, beating out Brexit, but

  • Brexit is the absolute dominant issue when people speak about their voting intentions,

  • Opinion on Brexit appears to be almost equally spilt between leave and remain voices in public social media.

Please see the slide deck for more on voiced party support and issues connected with the different campaigns.

Our team continues dive into the data - and happy to hear from you, if you have any questions.

Contact us below, on email or @bakamosocial on Twitter.

Migration Narratives @Stockholm

Bakamo proudly presented the results of our recent study on migration narratives in the country with the biggest discourse on migration: Sweden. Our client, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung’s Nordic Office organized the event joined by the project’s lead analyst, Kata Füge, alongside local migration experts Lisa Pelling (from Arena Idé), Therese Lindström (from the green and liberal think tank Fores), and Widar Andersson (editor in chief of Folkbladet).

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-12 at 3.51.08 PM.jpeg

The experts’ debate after the study presentation highlighted the importance of the substantial discourse around humanitarianism in Sweden. While both pro- and anti-migrant voices discuss this aspect of migration, it seems promising to at least have a common ground of discussion around this largely controversial topic.

The need for shift to less condescendence and the recognition of people’s anxieties behind the hateful speech on migrants proved to be one of the most striking findings in the Swedish context. While the best interpretation of social media commentary might seem challenging, it is clear that people’s anxieties must be taken more seriously, especially when it comes to the fear of losing  control over what is happening, as is often the case with migration.

Many thanks to all attendants for the great and inspiring questions and relevant commentary.

Special thanks to Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.

The United Nations of Research just met up in Vienna: 70th Annual Gallup Conference

Just heading home from Vienna after two very interesting days, which just need some sharing.

Bakamo had the honour to be invited by Gallup International to participate at its annual conference in Vienna. Nic and I had to opportunity to join this interesting event. It was different from any other conference or event I have ever attended since I’ve been going to MR conferences. 

History and commitment were just palpable in the room. First off, it was the 70th time this conference took place. For 70 years these people have been measuring public opinion. A good share of the people were running their national Gallup office in second generation - or were being accompanied by their sons and daughters who will take over for them. For some it was the 30th time they attended.

Global representation

Global representation

The other big difference I was surprised by was that people introduce themselves as the country. The countries represented were not usually mix. It was not about the research business, but about politics, societies and effectively the futures of Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines - Europe, South America. In line with this, some of the guest speakers were the former chancellor of Austria, Mr Wolfgang Schüssel , or the foreign policy advisor of Putin. 

In sum, thanks for the experience, the lovely dinner in Grinzing and of allowing us to share some of the stories. Thanks!

Exploring Migration Narratives in Social in 28 EU Member States

Bakamo’s not-for-profit branch, Bakamo Public has been working on an extensive project to understand how everyday people talk about migration. We explored the fears and hopes, challenges, and potential solutions – all through everyday people’s conversations and perceptions.

We analyzed 1 year of public social media conversations in 28 EU member states, and we will share our results in Brussels on 4 April. Register and join us at the launch conference “What do Europeans think about migration online and offline?“, organized by our client, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

Nicola Peck @ Bakamo = #WOW

Bakamo is proud to let the world know that Nicola Peck has joined our team as Commercial Director last year. In her role, Nic will oversee Bakamo’s commercial engagements.

nicola peck_bakamo.png

Prior to joining Bakamo, Nic has built some of the largest and most respected business relationships in the market research space. She has spent over 15 years with Cint, ICM, Synovate, TNS, bringing a holistic and result-oriented commercial outlook to Bakamo.

Nic will use her passion and curiosity to drive strategic clarity and empower the team to deliver on its mission: bridging the gap between consumers and brands, people and policy that can only be done by listening. Bakamo uses human intelligence to find out what people are saying in real-life at scale.

Daniel Fazekas, Founder and CEO says: “Even in the short 3 months, Nic has already been with us Bakamo has greatly benefited from her experience. She empowers our team to connect with clients, and help them hear people’s needs”. Nic comments “Bakamo is a genuinely disruptive innovation - creating a direct line between honest opinions, and brands’ real needs.” Chairman, Dan Foreman adds, “I'm excited to see the gathering momentum in the market research industry for accessing Social Media's wealth of deep intelligence, reflected in Bakamo's expansion in to Health and Political Research this year”

BakamoPublic Head receives Ginny Valentine award for making a difference

Atlanta, London, Budapest - JUNE 14

Kristof Varga joined Bakamo to lead BakamoPublic, the social media intelligence company’s not for profit division, and help NGOs, international and multilateral organizations to learn about people whose lives they impact, by listening to them. On Monday, June 12th, Kristof was awarded the Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage for ‘switching from politics to research to make a real difference’, at the IIeX 2018 conference in Atlanta. 

Kristof joined Bakamo in January 2018, and has since delivered pertinent insight to improve health care, civil liberties, and national security in the US, Kazakhstan and the EU. Kristof says: “the power of listening is hard to underestimate. I’m excited by the sheer potential of social intelligence in the nonprofit world - be that governmental or non-governmental - we can help build bridges, to bring people and policy back together”. Kristof joined Bakamo, after having served as an elected official in the Budapest council, and senior roles at Open Society Foundations.    

Ginny Valentine was a revolutionary in the field of market research. It was her, who brought semiotics into research and taught us to use the power of visuals. Following her steps is a great honor. Thank you! 


Silicon Sq, Budapest

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Bakamo Public Among The Top5 Most Innovative Market Research Companies In EU

The EU Insight Innovation Competition, organised by IIeX Europe just closed, and our division focusing on the not-for-profit sector, Bakamo Public was among the best of the best: our human-in-the-loop social listening technology was voted to be one of the top5 most innovative methods currently offered in the market research industry in Europe.

See Kristóf Varga, head of Bakamo Public discussing how we can make the world a better place, in this video:

Huge round of applause for the winner, Pixoneye, and for the other Top5 members: Emaww, NeuroApplied, and MV2.

Bakamo Insights in the Press

The Economist, The Guardian, Reuters, Financial Times, EUObserver, The Daily Beast, Vice... Just a few magazines and news sites featuring Bakamo findings. From fake news in presidential elections or hate speech in Eastern-Europe, all the way to academic papers on the role of social listening in qualitative research, you can now get an in-context understanding of what we deliver. Take a look at the exhaustive list of articles featuring Bakamo insights in the Media and Press section.  

bakamo insights in press.jpeg

Bakamo & Talkwalker

Ever wonder how Bakamo is able to listen to so many people talking online? Talkwalker is the tool we use daily to scrap the online sphere and gather consumer voices from open social media platforms. Our founder Daniel Fazekas met other companies using the tool a few weeks back in Luxemburg and talked about how Talkwalker and social listening marry, and what his favourite features of the tool are. 

Meet Us Around The World – January & February Events

Kicking off 2018, we'll be attending several exciting conferences and trailblazing workshops in Europe and North America. We'll give lectures and participate in workshops at universities in Germany and Italy, as well as cooperate with the European Commission at their event discussing "Big Data, Psycho-targeting and the Future of Democracy". 

We'll also attend some of the industry's major get-togethers: come and meet us at the CEO Summit in Miami (22-24 January), at the Qual360 in Berlin (7-8 February), or at the IIeX Europe in Amsterdam (19-20 February). 

Let us know if you plan to come to some of these events – we'd love to meet you in person! Lets discuss the future of MR and how social listening can be applied to solve business questions and public issues alike. 

See detailed info about the conferences and workshops with Bakamo at the Events.

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