Bakamo Launches Market Maps for Social Listening

Budapest – Bakamo Social today announced the launch of Market Maps, the first social listening product to go beyond sentiment and reveal the motivations and needs of consumers in any category.

“Brands have been frustrated by the limited strategic insight they get from typical keyword solutions. Our Market Maps unlock the full potential of social for understanding human behavior and acting on it for marketing and product development,” said Bakamo CEO Jonathan Deitch.

Humans Understand Humans

“Our analysis is done by people, not machines. Human empathy allows us to understand not just what someone is saying, but why and what they hope to achieve by saying it. We can spot the emotional triggers and rational contexts for any topic and from there understand motivations and needs. The insight into human behavior is extremely powerful and very exciting,” said Bakamo founder Daniel Fazekas.

The Launchpad for Strategic Decisions

Market maps form the basis of understanding the consumer journeys, which, when seen through social, are fully grounded in authentic consumer experience. They can also be used to define need-based segments that are highly actionable for messaging and product innovation, often at a fraction of the cost of a typical segmentation study. And they help identify the factors that drive or limit product adoption, as well as messaging that shapes consideration.

About Bakamo

Bakamo reads and interprets online conversations to help brands build winning strategies from authentic consumer voices. Through its proprietary Deep.Scape methodology, it unearths broad themes from the gritty detail that attract and motivate people to participate in online discussions. Bakamo enables brands to understand the full social discourse, chart consumer journeys, define segments based on needs, and identify factors that catalyze product choice. Bakamo delivers “insights without asking.”