Bakamo Social to Publish Study Showing Impact of Non-Traditional News Sources on French Presidential Election

Media Advisory

Paris – Bakamo Social has partnered with respected French journalist Pierre Haski to measure the reach and impact of unconventional media sources in connection with the 2017 French presidential election.

These non-traditional sources have been categorised in a “Media Map”, a unique classification model that goes beyond left-right distinctions to also reflect a source’s distance from classical media sources such as newspapers, radio, and television. Impact will be measured by the extent to which articles from non-traditional sources are shared through social media, in both absolute terms and in relation to articles shared from traditional sources.

Jonathan Deitch, Bakamo CEO, said, “In an era where political stories vary wildly by source and ‘fake news’ has become part of our daily discourse, this study helps us understand how different narratives are created and spread.”

The study will have two parts. The first part will present the Media Map classification model for both traditional and non-traditional sources and measure their impact by the extent to which articles from these sources are shared through social media. The results will be released on 18 April, before Election Day on 23 April (le premier tour) and updated just before the widely-anticipated run-off election on 7 May (le deuxième tour).

The second part of the study, to be released in late June, will analyse the social media conversations around non-traditional sources in social media. Through this application of qualitative social listening methods, Bakamo will uncover people’s genuine perceptions about the content they share, why they share it, and what they hope to achieve by sharing it.

A micro-site of all materials is accessible at

The project is being funded by the Open Society Foundations.



Project timeline and release of study results are as follows

  • April 18: Initial results - Media Map and measures of the impact of unconventional sources
  • May 2: Updated results - to include articles published and shared since the first release.
  • June 30: Second phase of study, social listening to uncover perceptions and why people share news from unconventional sources

About Bakamo Social

Bakamo reads and interprets online conversations to help brands build winning strategies from authentic consumer voices. Through its proprietary Deep.Scape methodology, it unearths broad themes from the gritty detail that attract and motivate people to participate in online discussions. Bakamo enables brands to understand the full social discourse, chart consumer journeys, define segments based on needs, and identify factors that catalyse product choice. Bakamo delivers “insights without asking.”

About Pierre Haski

A long-time journalist with Agence France-Presse and Libération, and a foreign correspondent in Johannesburg, Jerusalem and Beijing, Pierre Haski is the co-founder of the French news-website, currently a columnist with the magazine L'Obs. He is the author of several books, his latest, an essay on France : "Le droit au bonheur - la France à l'épreuve du monde" (Stock, 2017).