BakamoPublic Head receives Ginny Valentine award for making a difference

Atlanta, London, Budapest - JUNE 14

Kristof Varga joined Bakamo to lead BakamoPublic, the social media intelligence company’s not for profit division, and help NGOs, international and multilateral organizations to learn about people whose lives they impact, by listening to them. On Monday, June 12th, Kristof was awarded the Ginny Valentine Badge of Courage for ‘switching from politics to research to make a real difference’, at the IIeX 2018 conference in Atlanta. 

Kristof joined Bakamo in January 2018, and has since delivered pertinent insight to improve health care, civil liberties, and national security in the US, Kazakhstan and the EU. Kristof says: “the power of listening is hard to underestimate. I’m excited by the sheer potential of social intelligence in the nonprofit world - be that governmental or non-governmental - we can help build bridges, to bring people and policy back together”. Kristof joined Bakamo, after having served as an elected official in the Budapest council, and senior roles at Open Society Foundations.    

Ginny Valentine was a revolutionary in the field of market research. It was her, who brought semiotics into research and taught us to use the power of visuals. Following her steps is a great honor. Thank you! 


Silicon Sq, Budapest

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