The United Nations of Research just met up in Vienna: 70th Annual Gallup Conference

Just heading home from Vienna after two very interesting days, which just need some sharing.

Bakamo had the honour to be invited by Gallup International to participate at its annual conference in Vienna. Nic and I had to opportunity to join this interesting event. It was different from any other conference or event I have ever attended since I’ve been going to MR conferences. 

History and commitment were just palpable in the room. First off, it was the 70th time this conference took place. For 70 years these people have been measuring public opinion. A good share of the people were running their national Gallup office in second generation - or were being accompanied by their sons and daughters who will take over for them. For some it was the 30th time they attended.

Global representation

Global representation

The other big difference I was surprised by was that people introduce themselves as the country. The countries represented were not usually mix. It was not about the research business, but about politics, societies and effectively the futures of Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines - Europe, South America. In line with this, some of the guest speakers were the former chancellor of Austria, Mr Wolfgang Schüssel , or the foreign policy advisor of Putin. 

In sum, thanks for the experience, the lovely dinner in Grinzing and of allowing us to share some of the stories. Thanks!