Migration Narratives @Stockholm

Bakamo proudly presented the results of our recent study on migration narratives in the country with the biggest discourse on migration: Sweden. Our client, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung’s Nordic Office organized the event joined by the project’s lead analyst, Kata Füge, alongside local migration experts Lisa Pelling (from Arena Idé), Therese Lindström (from the green and liberal think tank Fores), and Widar Andersson (editor in chief of Folkbladet).

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The experts’ debate after the study presentation highlighted the importance of the substantial discourse around humanitarianism in Sweden. While both pro- and anti-migrant voices discuss this aspect of migration, it seems promising to at least have a common ground of discussion around this largely controversial topic.

The need for shift to less condescendence and the recognition of people’s anxieties behind the hateful speech on migrants proved to be one of the most striking findings in the Swedish context. While the best interpretation of social media commentary might seem challenging, it is clear that people’s anxieties must be taken more seriously, especially when it comes to the fear of losing  control over what is happening, as is often the case with migration.

Many thanks to all attendants for the great and inspiring questions and relevant commentary.

Special thanks to Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.