Bakamo Public Among The Top5 Most Innovative Market Research Companies In EU

The EU Insight Innovation Competition, organised by IIeX Europe just closed, and our division focusing on the not-for-profit sector, Bakamo Public was among the best of the best: our human-in-the-loop social listening technology was voted to be one of the top5 most innovative methods currently offered in the market research industry in Europe.

See Kristóf Varga, head of Bakamo Public discussing how we can make the world a better place, in this video:

Huge round of applause for the winner, Pixoneye, and for the other Top5 members: Emaww, NeuroApplied, and MV2.

Meet Us Around The World – January & February Events

Kicking off 2018, we'll be attending several exciting conferences and trailblazing workshops in Europe and North America. We'll give lectures and participate in workshops at universities in Germany and Italy, as well as cooperate with the European Commission at their event discussing "Big Data, Psycho-targeting and the Future of Democracy". 

We'll also attend some of the industry's major get-togethers: come and meet us at the CEO Summit in Miami (22-24 January), at the Qual360 in Berlin (7-8 February), or at the IIeX Europe in Amsterdam (19-20 February). 

Let us know if you plan to come to some of these events – we'd love to meet you in person! Lets discuss the future of MR and how social listening can be applied to solve business questions and public issues alike. 

See detailed info about the conferences and workshops with Bakamo at the Events.