Bakamo Public Among The Top5 Most Innovative Market Research Companies In EU

The EU Insight Innovation Competition, organised by IIeX Europe just closed, and our division focusing on the not-for-profit sector, Bakamo Public was among the best of the best: our human-in-the-loop social listening technology was voted to be one of the top5 most innovative methods currently offered in the market research industry in Europe.

See Kristóf Varga, head of Bakamo Public discussing how we can make the world a better place, in this video:

Huge round of applause for the winner, Pixoneye, and for the other Top5 members: Emaww, NeuroApplied, and MV2.

Bakamo & Talkwalker

Ever wonder how Bakamo is able to listen to so many people talking online? Talkwalker is the tool we use daily to scrap the online sphere and gather consumer voices from open social media platforms. Our founder Daniel Fazekas met other companies using the tool a few weeks back in Luxemburg and talked about how Talkwalker and social listening marry, and what his favourite features of the tool are.